Power, travel and indignity

•29 February 2008 • Leave a Comment

You know you’ve hit the big time when you can give someone else a printed 500-page manual and ask them to have two bound copies done by noon… and they say “OK” and go and do it.

Ahhhhh, the sweet taste of power.

Anyhoo, bit of an update:  I have now been officially given the responsibility for our Intranet, until June when I leave for Italy and the US.  Maybe when I get back, as well.  So I have a laptop, software I’ve never used before, aforementioned 500-page training manual and two weeks to have something available for assessment.  Nothing like learning on the job!

Ahhhh, the less sweet taste of learning software at home on my own time in order to maintain the power.

On a slightly more frivolous note, earlier this week I notified the parents that the guy on the run from NZ (Chinese, father of the girl “Pumpkin” from Melbourne) had been spotted in Houston and that they could crack the case wide open if they caught him!  I note this morning that he has been arrested in Atlanta (are you following him?), after Chinese residents in a housing unit recognised him, tied him up and sat on him until police arrived.  Nothing like going out with a bit of dignity.